The evolution of BB’s Temple

BB girls – don’t panic! BB’s Temple in Ibiza will re-open in March! After my most recent blog – when I announced my decision to step away from my career as a designer and close down my signature Barbara Bonner line – many of my most loyal BB girls contacted me, all asking the exact same question: What’s going to happen to BB’s Temple in Ibiza?

It was indeed a very good question; after all, we spent so much time, love and energy conceptualising, creating and cultivating the Temple last year, it would have been such a shame to close it down. And so I am very pleased to tell you, BB’s Temple will remain open, however just like me, it is undergoing an evolution. The philosophy behind the Temple remains strong and focused; the space and everything in it remains very important to me. We will continue to style your freedom and now we will style your happiness too.

You may remember from my previous blogs, I have always been drawn towards brands and products with a conscious or sustainable ethos and this season, I aim to curate the brands stocked within BB’s Temple with this in mind. If you are a designer working in this mindful way, and you’d like to see your collections housed within BB’s Temple, please get in touch. As we build this new concept, I’m looking for cool clothes, shoes, accessories, jewellery and more. It’s all about fashion with a heart; designers who give something back to the world.

At the same time, I aim to give something back to the world of fashion; an industry I was so deeply ingrained in for many years. In line with my new calling, I will be coaching and mentoring other fashion designers; helping them develop the strength and serenity needed to handle the pressure of the fashion business. It’s no secret the industry can be very superficial, very demanding and very competitive – a lot of healing is needed here – and this can create frustration and insecurity. As designers, it’s so important to take care of yourselves and not lose sight of your creativity or your soul.

Author Farah Liz Pallarlo played a crucial role in my decision to change career direction. After 17 years in the fashion industry herself, she penned a book entitled Fashion. Business. Spirituality. A call to the light workers of the fashion industry which I found very inspirational. She too, is a mentor to fashion workers and believes strongly in bringing a human element into the business, focusing on self-development in addition to achieving one’s goals. Creating a healthy, happy and holistic fashion industry is the way of our future.

Another way I aim to give back through BB’s Temple is via the Kabbalah act of tithing, which is the act of sharing ten percent of one’s income, which I will do via donations to charity. Kabbalists believe – as do I – that ‘giving away this portion of our earnings helps remove any limitations that might block the flow of blessings into our lives’. Your business runs better when you are giving instead of simply taking. Steve Jobs was another famous leader who operated under this ideal, giving away ten percent of his shares to new employees each year – since day one of the Apple brand’s conception.

Finally, due to popular demand I have decided to extend my final clearance sale for just a few more days. Please visit my website or come and see me in my atelier in Verona for your very last chance to snap up a piece of Barbara Bonner history. Viva la fashion revolution!