The bag lady saga continues

BB moves to Destino!

As you can see in the photo above, the bag lady saga continues! I’m still looking for a home in Ibiza, and while my shop is still being refurbished I don’t have a base to work from, so I am always carrying my entire life around with me as I go about my business each day. I’m lugging around computers, tons of documents, sketches, fabric swatches and samples – and that’s just my work. There’s also everything I need to be BB found in there somewhere!

So, due to my lack of a dedicated workspace, I spend a lot of my time running back and forth between my favourite meeting spot, Montesol, my own personal construction site (aka my shop!) and another very special location which (after many months of being sworn to secrecy) I can finally reveal to you today: Destino! I’m very happy to tell you I am collaborating on the new Destino Ibiza collections – working with the talented team as a consultant and a taste maker for the luxury island brand.

I’m sure most of you have heard of Destino, but for anyone who hasn’t, let me set the scene. It’s a luxury resort sitting on the edge of cliff in Ibiza, overlooking the sea and with a cosmopolitan vibe. It’s owned by the iconic Pacha Group, who created it in 2014 in order to offer their jet setting clientele a place where they could live the Balearic lifestyle, from morning until night, with music, wellness, glamour, gastronomy and style all found within its grounds. It’s all white and very beautiful, fusing contemporary style with Ibiza design, with proud palm trees standing tall all around the front gates and breathtaking views once you’ve stepped through the magical front gates.

Destino is very, very Mediterranean to me – it’s like a little Ibiza within Ibiza. In a way, it evokes that nostalgia of the 1970s TV shows Fantasy Island and The Love Boat – whenever I go there I expect little Mr Tattoo to come out and say hello to me! And while its parent brand boasts a 50-year history, the Destino brand is still in its infancy and so I am really happy to be a part of the team that are working to build its story, its history, its identity and its soul. It was in October last year that one of my best friends on the island, Karin – who also works with the group – told me about the opportunity to collaborate with them on merchandising and accessories. I was very interested to know more…

Originally, my involvement began as a consultant on accessories but it very quickly evolved to include the entire collections. We began with basic merchandising ideas for the brand but as we went deeper into the design process, an entire cruise collection concept started to come to life. It’s the first time I have ever designed anything for someone other than myself and it’s really exciting. It’s challenging, and there are times you definitely have to put your ego aside but I think I am able to do this quite well. I have really enjoyed thinking from ‘another mind’ – detaching myself and doing something different.

You see, the Destino woman is different to my BB girls – she is very jetset and classy, where my girls are more gypset and boho glam. I wanted to create pieces she can buy here in Ibiza that will remind her of her Destino experience, but that she can take home and where somewhere else without feeling like she is wearing obvious merchandising. I want her to be proud to wear her Destino dress. What we’ve done is like a grown-up upgrade on traditional merchandising – details like the beautiful palm tree logo we’ve designed will be subtly embroidered onto a stylish sweatshirt, or the word Destino will be seen only on the straps of your dress. We’ve taken popular design themes like leopard print and given it a subtle tie-dye effect so it’s not that typical animal print you see everywhere. It’s all unique to Destino.

It’s a complete capsule collection for the jetset girl. The idea is that you can wear it and it will take you from morning to night – from the beach to a boat to the restaurant and a club and then catch your flight home – and all you need to do is switch up your accessories. Real Ibiza girls need to be able to handle whatever the day throws at them… you never know where you’re going to end up! For this reason, the shapes are simple – they fall on the body and flatter your figure, but they are comfortable. The fabrics are very soft and silky to the touch – I am quite a tactile person and this was important to me. The keywords for the collection for me are soft, subtle, Mediterranean, classy, floaty and bohemian (but just a touch!). A kind of travelling jetset chic look.

I can’t wait to show it to you – the design process is now finished and the collection is in production. It will be ready for the hotel’s opening in May, and you’ll also find some of the pieces stocked in BB’s Temple (including the bags shown below). It’s so nice to support each other’s brands in this way – I wish more designers and shops in Ibiza would be like this rather than be so competitive. I want to teach people on the island my motto: sharing is caring! It gives a good energy to the planet and then we all thrive. For 20 years, I’ve been dreaming of creating an Ibiza Fashion Week, where we all empower each other and work alongside each other… but that’s a story for another day.

Andrea Bag Mandala

While we’re on the topic of BB’s Temple, the builders are working overtime to get the space ready for our opening at the end of this month. In addition to my bags, and some pieces from Destino and other designers, I’ll also be stocking my very first fashion collections. You’re getting a sneak peek in the photos in this blog, as I am wearing two of my own new creations. They both have that 70s retro vibe I love, but with a contemporary touch. The long wraparound skirt and the paisley shirt are made from beautiful thick Japanese linens that feel amazing on the skin. It’s the type of fabric that will last forever. I am not fan of fast fashion and so I want my collections to be cherished by my BB girls for many years to come, not just one season.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately how my vision for fashion has changed so much since I first began. I recently shared a photo on social media from when I styled my first collection, and it was so angry and aggressive – with a sword and a kind of Kill Bill look. These days I am always thinking and designing with love and gratitude in mind; I think of my shop as a temple, my shop assistants as priestesses. I’ve come such a long way. As I said in my blog last week, I believe creating is a healing process and I love that my work heals me, rather than injures me. Have you heard that song Creation Keeps The Devil Away? I love that – it really resonates with who I am today.

Some people think fashion is very glamorous and beautiful – and of course, at times it is – but as you can see from the state of my life at the moment, there are a lot of messy, busy moments and some struggle in between. I know good things are coming, and so I am happy to keep carrying my world on my shoulders (literally!) until everything falls into place. It will all be worth the wait.

But for now… back to work!