Shangri La

Heaven is a bag on earth

When Belinda Carlisle sang ‘Heaven is a Place on Earth’ back in 1987, she probably wasn’t thinking of Ibiza. But every time I sing along with her (which is often, because I’m a child of the 80s and I love the music), Ibiza is on my mind. The same goes for James Hilton, the author who wrote of a mythical utopia called Shangri La in his 1933 novel Lost Horizon. I’m sure he’d never actually been to Ibiza, but to me, his concept of the beautiful earthly paradise of Shangri La is quite synonymous with this magical island.

So, when I had the idea to design a bag specifically to go out dancing in Ibiza, I knew it had to have a heavenly-inspired name… and the Shangri La was born. I can’t take all the credit for Shangri La – it is the result of teamwork between myself and my BB Priestess number one, Amy, who is also my PA and very passionate about designing. I conceived the shape of the bag and Amy placed the pattern for the enamel studs. We have two versions – the buttery soft python skin (not rough and hard like other snakeskins you may have seen) and the studded leather version. There’s a Shangri La for every BB girl.

Shangri La was designed to be easy to wear and easy to carry, from morning to night, in true Ibiza style. You can team it with any kind of outfit imaginable, from a chic skirt and blouse combo like you see in the main photo above (a sneak peek from my very own new collection) or everyday basics like jeans and a vest to sassy little dresses for going out. It’s almost the same length as an iPhone (thankfully with the new iPhone X they are getting smaller again rather than bigger!) and wide enough to pack your keys and make-up, with a special built-in pocket for your money… all the Ibiza essentials.

If you’re wondering why we didn’t add a layer of fringing, it was because we really wanted to keep Shangri La light and simple. A piece you can run and twirl through the clubs with, without having to worry about it getting stuck or stepped on. Of course, there’s still just a touch – after all, I had to have at least one piece of fringing to thread my silver embossed BB logo charms onto. A tip from us: be sure your original Barbara Bonner bag always has this little twinset attached when you buy it, to be sure you’re always getting the real thing. BB girls know faking it is NEVER a good idea.