Eve Clutch Mackenzie Caviar

The little sister to Barbara Bonner’s classic Eve Shoulder Bag, the Eve Clutch was also created in honour of the world’s ‘first lady’, albeit in a smaller, sleeker form. Folklore tells that Eve was created from one of Adam’s ribs in order to become his companion, and the Eve collection is designed around a strong and striking piece of gold hardware inspired by the shape of a human rib.

A small, handheld piece designed around a miniature rib, the ultra-soft black leather clutch is ideal for those nights when you still want to evoke Eve’s strength and sensibility, but only need to pack your credit card, lip gloss and iPhone! Lined in denim and with an internal zipped pocket for your valuables, the Eve clutch is the perfect accessory for date night, parties or midnight through the garden of Eden!

Made in Italy

590,00 180,00



100% lambskin leather
100% denim lining
Metal hardware


Silver ‘rib’ hardware
Black leather
Black denim lining
Signature BB charms
Leather tassels
Internal zipped pocket
Woven detailing
Made in Italy


Mackenzie Caviar


30cm x 15cm x 5cm
Strap length: 50cm – adjustable


300 grams