My New Year resolutions

Happy 2018!

The minute Christmas is over, thoughts inevitably turn to the New Year. Where we’ll be going, what we’ll be doing, how we’ll be celebrating, what we’ll be wearing, who we’ll be kissing… Well, for me, this year’s New Year celebrations are centred around my daughter Mia. As I mentioned in my previous blog, this holiday season is all about quality mummy and daughter time and we’ll be at home together in Verona where we’ll cook dinner together, watch some of her favourite movies, stay up until midnight and watch the fireworks.

After the countdown is over, it’s time to start implementing those all important New Year resolutions. Starting the year with positive intentions is very important and there are many things I’d like to achieve in 2018, ranging from business to personal developments. I’m going to share them with you now so we can do a recap at the end of the year and see how I went!

First of all, I really need to tidy my house! You may laugh at that one, but it’s a little more detailed and deeper than it sounds. I’ve been reading the famous Marie Kondo book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I plan to use it to clear out my own home in Verona. I see it as a form of meditation. Sometimes we Europeans get too caught up with the idea of meditation and think it has to be something complicated, but really, it can be as simple as the therapeutic process of cleaning house. Watch this blog space in the coming months and I’ll share my progress as #BBdoesMarieKondo.

My next intention is to open a flagship store in Ibiza. I’ve been looking for the right location for a while and I’m hoping to manifest my perfect boutique very soon. This is something that has been on my to-do list for quite some time but has been quite slow in coming about, but now I think my time has finally come. You see, I’m a Gemini, and for the last three years Saturn has been in my seventh house (which rules areas of your life such as committed relationships, partnerships and long-standing friendships) but it finally left my sign on December 20, and I feel so liberated. I have the freedom to fly again and I think this means the project will start to take shape quickly once we close a deal on the perfect premises.

While on the topic of my brand, this year I intend to develop my clothing line – in addition to more of my signature bags. I want to concentrate on a line of beautiful dresses – very summery, timeless, bohemian glam styles. Pieces that will look equally as good in Ibiza as they do LA, Tulum, Miami, Mykonos or on the Amalfi coast. I’m dreaming about pieces that embody the BB signature nomadic style without losing the glamour factor. Stay tuned for more news on that front as it comes to hand.

On a more personal level, I would like to make sure I make enough time for my own self-development this year. I have been so busy working on my business for the past few years that I occasionally let my own wellbeing go by the wayside, but in 2018 I plan to do a lot more yoga – you can read about my favourite yoga style in this blog – and get myself back to the gym. I would like to meditate more, as I mentioned above, and to continue living ethically and consciously as I have been doing. I really believe we can all be the change we wish to be in the world – but you have to start somewhere.

Last but absolutely not least… well, you can probably guess this one if you’ve been reading my blogs this year. 2018 is my year to fall in love. I’m ready and I don’t know how or where I’m going to find my soul mate (hopefully not in an app – read more about my thoughts on that here!) but I know he’s out there. I no longer have a physical checklist of things I’m looking for in a man – in the past I was very attracted to physical beauty but lately I’ve been looking beyond appearances and into the soul and spirit. I am an artistic person and I need grounding, so it’s important to find someone who can ground me, especially as I keep working on developing myself. So from the stroke of midnight, as 2017 becomes 2018, I will be manifesting true love – for me, and for all of my BB girls. I love seeing my girls in love too.

To all my BB girls around the world, wherever you are on New Year’s Eve, however you celebrate, whatever you wear (and whatever bag you take with you!) and whoever you kiss, Mia and I will be wishing you a wonderful start to 2018 and hope all your dreams come true. Along with my own!