Meet the LA BB girl

Natalia Bonifacci

When I think about all the BB girls in the world, a few keywords come to mind. Nomadic. Strong. Empowered. Free spirited. Sensual. Curated. Confident. To me, Natalia Bonifacci embodies all of these words and more, making her the quintessential BB girl. Born in Italy and based in LA, the actress, model, writer and now mum-to-be first caught my eye on Instagram… of course!

After connecting a couple of years ago, we soon became friends. We met through one of Natalia’s best friends – a stylist I had also been working with – and I discovered we really had a lot in common. Her look is very 1970s – which by now, I’m sure you know I love – and her Instagram has a very similar aesthetic to mine. Natalia is a true free spirit who really embraces the concept of the never-ending summer like I do, and she spends a lot of time back in Italy like me too. Now she is pregnant, I feel like we will have even more of a special connection as mothers.

Natalia is often spotted wearing my Andrea Tree of Life Bag (and I know she has a few others in her collection), from shopping at Rosebowl and Pasadena Flea Markets to the glorious beaches of LA and beyond. With this bag, I wanted to incorporate some elements of spirituality, so I embossed the Tree of Life pattern into the leather. My work is never just about fashion – I like to incorporate meaning into everything I do. Even before I knew the true meaning of this symbol, I was drawn to it naturally. I had subconsciously recognised its importance and would later learn that it is the universal symbol for life and spirituality – that everything is connected. From LA to Ibiza, from Natalia to me and you, we are all ultimately connected.

Los Angeles is a really important market for me. After Ibiza, it’s my strongest location and it’s where I’d like to open my second store. A lot of strong women live in LA so it makes sense for me to have a presence there too. I also have a personal connection to the city – my stepdaughter Camilla Blackett is a young and very successful writer for films and TV series and lives in the authentically bohemian area of Silver Lake … another #bbgirl!

When I’m in LA, the day always starts early. I often start my morning with a Gravity Yoga class (you can read more about my love of yoga in this blog) followed by a super healthy breakfast. It’s so easy to be healthy in LA – there are health food restaurants, farmers’ markets and fitness places everywhere. Then I like to take a nice walk along the beach to get inspired. Inspiration is everywhere in Los Angeles, especially on the gorgeous, naturally stylish girls in the street – especially when you hit Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, which has been called the ‘coolest block in America’.

When it comes to eating in this area, I always go straight to Gjelina. The menu is heavily veggie based and they’re open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner so you can go at any time of day and for me, it’s always all about the crispy artichoke. After all, you can take the girl out of the Mediterranean, but you can’t take the Mediterranean out of the girl…