Meet the gypsy BB girl

Scarlett De La Torre

I talk a lot about my BB girls – who they are, what they embody and what they mean to me. Recently I’ve been noticing there’s a kind of ‘next level’ BB girl out there – and these are the girls I like to call my BB goddesses. One BB goddess who stands out above the rest is Scarlett De La Torre. Born in Hong Kong to Filipino and German-American parents, her ethereal beauty is unquestionable; her musical talents are unrivalled and her philanthropic work is outstanding.

I’ve known Scarlett a long, long time indeed. Ever since she was a young BB girl of just 20 years old, when she flew into Verona to DJ in a club where I happened to be working at the time. Scarlett missed her flight out that night, and so I invited her to stay with me in my flat for a week and from there we forged the beginnings of a lifelong friendship.

These days, Scarlett’s music has taken her to over 50 countries – she’s not only a DJ, but also a very talented piano and guitar player, who uses drums in her performances and has a truly beautiful singing voice. What I find very interesting about Scarlett is despite the industry she works in, she promotes a very healthy style of partying and her light is always shining brightest in the room – the very essence of a BB goddess.

Scarlett’s style is very much like a spiritual priestess – in fact, she is a very spiritual person and the way she dresses is reflective of this. She’s often seen carrying my Andrea Mandala Bag – one of my bags that also has an element of spirituality to it. The leather has a mandala pattern embossed on top in indigo, inspired by a piece of very ancient fabric – printed in the traditional Batik style – I found during my travels through India. When I came home, I decided to reproduce it onto the leather which became the basis for Scarlett’s favourite bag.

Indigo is so much more than just a colour (although technically it’s a colour that doesn’t really exist – remember you can’t see it directly in a rainbow!). It’s a colour that really inspires me and connects me to the universe. I like to think of it as a state of mind. Speaking of connections, these days Scarlett and I live in different countries – she’s between Greece, Mauritius and Mexico for work, however we stay connected thanks to modern technology. We can continue to maintain our friendship, support and empower each other thanks to social media when we can’t see each other – I think this is a healthy use of mobile phones and computers.

I love seeing how happy Scarlett is via her Instagram feed. She’s found the love of her life (I love it when my BB girls are in love!), she’s making powerful changes in the world with her humanitarian work teaching music to Syrian refugees and survivors of human trafficking. She performs with passion be it at Burning Man, at Mykonos’ ‘it’ beach club Scorpios with her new band Sirenas Celestiales, or from a DJ booth at London Fashion week, or at the Shangri La in Mauritius – where she was resident DJ this winter, hanging out behind the decks alongside her jetsetting friends Alexa Chung, Nick Grimshaw, Emily Sonnet (who was spotted carrying my Shangri La Rock Python!) and Pixie Geldof. She surfs, she dives, she swims with sharks and she lives life to the fullest – she is an inspiration to women everywhere. I am also very happy to hear that in 2018 Scarlett will be the new Creative Director for BEACHOUSE Ibiza, which means we can finally spend more time together in person too.

Scarlett is the new kind of alpha female, having evolved to suit our era: the spiritual type, the powerful type and the type who understands collaboration and bonding with other women – not fighting or being in competition – is the way forward in our world. Scarlett, you really are a BB goddess.