Meet the BB mermaid

Natalia Resmini

I’ve always been drawn to other creative women and a great example of this is the friendship, close bond and working relationship I’ve recently built with famed Italian fashion illustrator Natalia Resmini. We had one of those instant #wildwomansisterhood connections and from the very first moment we met – it felt like we’d known each other forever. Perhaps we were friends, in another time…

Like many of my BB girls, I first encountered Natalia on Instagram – surprise, surprise! I’d seen the illustrations she’d done for The Seafarer jeans, a brand I love, wear and stock at BB’s Temple here in Ibiza. I knew straight away that I wanted to collaborate with her somehow. At the same time, Natalia had been looking for a way to bring her work as an artist to Ibiza and so it turned our we were on the same page and so I commissioned her to paint the walls of my shop.

Natalia is a true island girl, a former pro surfer hailing from the beautiful Mediterranean paradise of Sardinia in Italy. It’s no surprise she has a connection to the sea, having grown up around the world’s bluest waters and her nomadic career has taken her all over the globe in search of the perfect wave – that’s why I like to think of her as a BB mermaid. But what I really love most about Natalia is that she’s a true entrepreneur. She’s not afraid to work hard and she follows her passion in order to seek success. She understands that simply being creative is not enough these days and I admire that about her – because I feel this way too!

Sometimes I think Natalia has a double identity – there’s the sporty, surfer chick look and vibe she has, but then in an instant, she can change to a sexy, creative artist. I love this about her – women should never have to conform to a single stereotype or style in our lives. It’s all about styling our own freedom. My La La Bag is perfect for Natalia, so she can travel with everything she needs close at hand, plus it looks great with The Seafarer denim skirt she loves. While she was in Ibiza she fell in love with the sheer sexiness of the Bambolina Lace Pants too – there’s that dichotomy of styles again.

When it comes to her paintings and illustrations, Natalia’s feminine style is very unique – I’ve never seen anything else like it. The colours are very natural, her brushstrokes are very long and fluid and the women she creates are very striking. For my portrait, I wanted her to create an image that could be used like a photobooth, where BB girls can take their photos for Instagram (and tag it with the custom hashtag Natalia and I conceived: #sirenagram) and always be reminded of their experiences in Ibiza. My illustrated BB girl is part portrait of me, part mermaid from the sea, and partly representative of free women everywhere. I wanted women to be able see themselves in the painting.

When we were deciding what to write on the wall, Natalia’s desire was to create something that would attract prosperity to the shop and she proposed we write argent (which means both money and the ‘silver of the sea’ in French) where you now see l’amore. We discussed this for a long time because it just didn’t feel like me to be so obvious – we even ran a poll on Instagram, and in the end, love wins. Love always wins. Though on the other side of the door you’ll see Natalia managed to sneak a little argent by the little blue fish. Next time you’re in Ibiza, feel free to pass by and snap your very own #sirenagram!

As for the rest of the mural? Hay sirenas en los ojos como en el fondo del mar – which roughly translates to: She has mermaids in the eyes like in the deep blue sea. I once read this quote in a poem and it always stayed with me… you see, some BB girls have stars in their eyes, others have mermaids. As for me and Natalia, well… I think we have both. Thank you Natalia Resmini, from the bottom of my heart, for being in my life and bringing so much joy, beauty and love to BB’s Temple.