The iconic BB bag

Let me tell you a story about a woman named Lilith. She’s the iconic woman who inspired my most iconic bag and I first encountered her through my interest in astrology over 12 years ago. Lilith is one of the most mysterious astrological figures – she represents the dark moon (specifically, the cosmic, empty space between the earth and the moon) – and she is related to sexuality, creativity, wit and humour, and also often found to be the cause of disruptions in life. All the makings of a classic BB girl…

My interest was piqued, so I began to read up on Lilith, and it turns out that while these days she’s considered somewhat of a goddess, Jewish folklore tells tales of her being Adam’s first wife – before Eve ever came into the picture. The story goes that Lilith (who also happened to be a horse rider) was asked to take a dominant position during sex (making her the first ever woman on top!), which in turn got her kicked out of Eden for upsetting the apple cart. We know women have come a long, long way since then but I just couldn’t get this powerful female figure out of my head.

At the time, I was conceiving a new fringed bag and I wanted to create something a little smaller and more ergonomic than my original oversized Ginger bag without losing the sexiness of the fringed detailing. I wanted something that would hug the body’s curves and fall across the body as it moved. And so, Lilith was born, a very sexy bag that went on to become my most classic style and a BB bestseller year after year. Women love the Lilith, but interestingly men really love it. I have male customers who buy it as a gift for their wives or girlfriends because they love the way the fringing drapes both elegantly and femininely to flatter the figure.

The thing about having such a recognisable ‘it’ bag within my collection is that it gives me the freedom to express myself with each new reinvention. While I always keep the classic Lilith shape and the signature fringing – I like to think of her as my blank canvas – I do play around with handles, colours, leathers, trims, textures and size. There are some versions of Lilith that are classic, some are more rock and roll and others are more chic – but importantly, there’s a Lilith for everyone of all ages.

My own personal favourite Lilith is the original classic black with studs – ideal for day and night, summer and winter, and fitting all your essentials within her luxurious, buttery soft form. Some other standout versions of Lilith include the Ziggy Stardust, which I designed the day David Bowie left this world – it’s so 70s, with just the right dash of disco. It’s elegant and peculiar, like the great man himself. There’s also the Galactica, which is embellished with distressed silver studs inspired by Saturn’s rings. Take a look at the Lilith section in my web shop, and see which one calls out to you.

Lilith will always be a very important woman in my life (not to mention a bag in my collection), however today, I’m a very different woman to the slightly more wild, young and free girl I was when I designed her. I’m currently conceiving a new bag to suit my more grown-up, ladylike, conservative side and I’m inspiration from a woman who was equally as strong as Lilith. Girls, keep your eyes on my blog in the coming months, for news on the birth of Eve…

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