A denim moment

Lala Bag

We are in the middle of a ‘denim moment’. I mean, denim never really goes out of style but right now, we’re seeing more denim in fashion than ever before. I wear a lot of denim myself – it’s got that 70s feeling that I love, and that inspires my brand, yet at the same time it can feel very contemporary.

In the beginning when I was designing the La La Bag, my idea was to create a glamorous beach bag you could also carry around town with all your essentials. I also wanted to do something ethical, so I started going down the recycled and vintage route. Searching for fabric that already existed just made sense to me. I love the authentic distressed feeling of vintage denim – each pair of jeans looks different from one to another and no two pairs are ever exactly alike.

I’d been collecting vintage Levis from an old American market in Italy – one of my favourite secret sourcing spots – for a while but I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them exactly. I just knew I would use the fabric somewhere, someday, maybe in my store when it opened. Then one day, I laid a pair down flat and I realised straight away the shape of the bag was basically already there and the rest just fell into place once I added buttery soft calf leather straps plus a mixture of denim and leather fringing where the legs would have been. All my leather is recycled, keeping with the sustainable ethos.

That’s my BB signature of course; the fringing. On one hand, the La La Bag is very different to most of my other pieces but at its core, it’s still very much a nomadic BB girl’s must-have. It’s so easy to travel with – when you’re not wearing it, you can pack it flat in your suitcase just like your jeans. And although the name was inspired by the streets of Los Angeles (to me, denim is so LA!), you can wear it anywhere in the world.

In Ibiza this summer, people were literally stopping me in the street when I was wearing my La La Bag (personally, I like to style it by tying a vintage bandana to it) to ask me where they could buy one. In case you’re wondering, you can order one from my online shop – we deliver anywhere in the world. Winter, summer, spring or autumn – denim never goes out of style.