The bag lady becomes a bag lady

Homeless in Ibiza!

At this time of year, I’m travelling back and forth to Ibiza quite a lot, and I’m starting to resonate with that old Mother Goose rhyme about the old woman who lived in her shoe. (Except of course, I’m not old and it’s never about a shoe with me!) It’s the ironic case of the bag lady becoming a bag lady. You see, last month I gave up my home on the island as I’m preparing to enter the next stage of my life and career, which means right now all my belongings are stored in bags. You could say, technically, I’m homeless!

I lived in that beautiful property for a year, however lately I’ve been feeling the desire to move further into the campo and connect with nature. So, when the time came that the lease was up, I decided to return to my nomadic roots while I manifest the perfect future home for myself. I’ve recently embraced the concept of non-attachment, so it wasn’t hard for me to physically leave the house behind. Being attached to nothing, but simultaneously connected to everything is such a great way of living – I feel so much lighter as a human being.

When it comes to my dream house, I am very open to options and opportunities, but I dream of an old finca in the heart of the countryside just waiting to be styled with my glamorous bohemian touch. I’m hoping to find somewhere that is large enough to include my atelier, along with plenty of bedrooms (I’m thinking three or four) to house the many funny, lovely and intriguing characters I call my #bbtribe when they come to Ibiza. I feel it’s my duty to find them a house too! It’s common knowledge how difficult and expensive it can be to find a house in Ibiza, but I trust in the universe that the right one will appear when the time is right. And I know I will recognise it immediately by its energy and good vibes.

It’s true, as they say, that home is where the heart is and my heart is currently very busy in Italy, with my beloved daughter Mia and also (BB gossip alert!) my new partner. As a free spirit by nature, I don’t feel the need to lay down many roots, however I do understand that I need to build a solid base for my loved ones – to find a balance between my needs and theirs – in order to make them feel safe. I’m aware we’ll all be spending time together in Ibiza in the months ahead, so I need to prepare my new nest to welcome them, and all the BB tribe, in summer.

While some people might see my situation as a bit of a dilemma, I prefer to look at it with a glass half full perspective. I’m really looking forward to see what house the universe is going to deliver to me, and in the meantime, I feel very lucky to have many wonderful friends on the island who open their homes to me when I am visiting for work. I am enjoying the freedom and diversity that comes with staying in a different place each week while getting to spend more quality time with friends.

I realised in my old house, I had accumulated a lot of posessions, but now I have made a promise to myself that when the new house manifests, I will buy less and breathe more. At this point in time when I’m in Ibiza, I’m travelling light, always carrying my Ellie Back Pack with my essentials with me. It’s the perfect travel companion, because I need my hands free as I’m so busy refurbishing my new shop, designing new collections and searching for the perfect new home, not to mention finding the time to write blogs and post on social media! Watch this space – I have a feeling there will be plenty more gossip to share with you soon.