Freedom meets bohemia

The new Ibiza

To me, freedom is very important. And as much as I believe in love, if you asked me what I wanted in life, I would say freedom always comes first. Freedom a state of mind, freedom is movement and freedom is beautiful. I associate freedom with my designs, which is why you’ll often see me use my own custom hashtag #styleyourfreedom on social media. I encourage all BB girls not to simply style themselves for fashion each day, but to style themselves to be free, just as I do.

Another word often associated with my brand is bohemia. Never in the old fashioned hippy way, but in a more upmarket, contemporary version of the iconic look – it’s bohemian glam. I take classic bohemian elements and I style them up in a way that gives them a chic, modern edge and makes them stand out against the pack. These days, we’re often talking about the ‘new Ibiza’ and I think my designs encapsulate this vibe. The new bohemia have arrived.

When I saw the recently published coffee table book Ibiza Bohemia (Assouline) on Instagram (where else!), I felt an instant connection with it – an entire tome dedicated to my beloved elements of freedom and bohemia. I connected with the author, island-based Dutch stylist Renu Kashyap, immediately and through its beautiful pages I also came to know many more people on the island who had collaborated on the book. The book is brimming with BB girls – empowered, strong and sensual – but beyond the beautiful pictures is an amazing story: the story of Ibiza.

I spent hours pouring over the vibrant book; I really read and took in every word (so beautifully written by Maya Boyd). As you know, I have such a strong connection with the Mediterranean island of Ibiza and this book not only refreshed my memory on some of the historical elements I already knew, it also gave me a new perspective on other parts of the island’s heritage. I loved uncovering stories of the 60s, 70s and 80s that I’d never heard before, and I loved reading and connecting with the many beautiful quotes layered over the photos. The following is the closest to my own heart.

“Freedom: that’s the word that I associate with the island. You are free to do whatever you want, provided you respect others.” Luis Galliussi, architect and interior designer – Ibiza Bohemia.

That blazing hot pink cover has become instantly synonymous with island style and it looks equally at home on my coffee table in Verona as it does by the pool in Ibiza… or by my blue Altea bag as you see here! Altea is a true representation of the ‘new Ibiza’ I was talking about earlier. She has chic sensibilities by way of structure – Grecian and Roman inspired – and is given a twist with the addition of a hand-painted Mexican Concho (chokers) detail, a Native American jewellery inspired distressed silver buckle and of course, a hint of my very own signature fringing. She’s bohemian but glamorous, just like her Greek mythological namesake.

Freedom and bohemia go hand in hand. And when an archetypal ideal meets an iconic style, it’s almost impossible not to get swept up in the magic…