Flipping amazing

You can’t survive without this piece!

After spending the Ibiza summer season practically living in my Malibù Poncho last year, I can tell you BB girls, that this is one of the pieces from my clothing collection that you simply cannot survive without! As most of you know, I design my collections to become timeless – I don’t believe in seasonal fashion – so the fringed poncho (which was one of my best sellers last year) has been carried over to the 2018 collections.

The Malibù Poncho works for every occasion, every location and every situation – all around the world, not just Ibiza. It vamps up your outfit, whether you’re in a bikini on the beach, in your favourite old denim on the street or in your sexiest, sassiest frock at a party. It’s also the perfect wrap-style piece to wear when you’re in transit – as I am right now, travelling between Ibiza, Verona, Hong Kong and Bali.

That’s another story entirely, and I’ll tell you more about my travels through my blog in the next few weeks. Right now however, you can snap up your Malibù Poncho (available in five colours) on my website, or in Ibiza at BB’s Temple – it’s flipping amazing!