Introducing BB’s Temple

Building my future

I’ve been thinking about opening my own shop in Ibiza for almost 20 years now, but the timing had just never been quite right. About a year ago, I really felt strongly that the time was coming and so I began looking for a space to transform into my own boutique. But just like the home I am still trying to manifest (yes, I’m still homeless in Ibiza!), it has to be just right. I didn’t want to just jump into the first shop I saw… although as fate would have it, after a year of searching the whole island, in the end I did actually go back and take the very first shop I saw!

Drum roll please!

My dearest BB girls, let me introduce you to my new store…. The first BB’s Temple. We share our location – on Carrer de Guillem de Montgri, number 3, in the heart of Ibiza’s beautiful old town and cool shopping district, La Marina – with my favourite shop ever, Vicente Ganesha. This is a dream come true for me. I had visualised this shop so many times, when it finally arrived I knew it was the one, so I really want to tell all my BB girls that you should never give up on your dreams. They’ll come to you when they’re ready to be manifested. By the way… number three is my lucky number. I’m born on June 3, each of my bags feature three metal elements (instead of a logo) and now my shop is number three – it’s mean to be!

The intimate 30 metre square corner space is currently a work in progress but we are working fast as we want to be open in time for Easter. I’m working alongside my good friend (and wife of my business partner) Laura Cavalca who is an architect and we’re having so much fun bonding over the project. It’s my first shop, and it’s also hers – she usually designs houses. Finally, we have a place where we can express our creativity and a space to house (and sell) all the beauty we conceive. That’s my tagline: Barbara Bonner – Conceiving beauty since 1975. You’ll see it on our awning once the store is open – and it relates all the way back to the year I was born.

I really respect the shop’s previous environment and I’m using it as inspiration for the interior design. It was once an old bar, and I want to keep some of the elements that made me fall in love with it, such as the pink floor tiles (a unique vintage pastel pinky shade that seems to be following me around – I also have it in my atelier in Verona!) and the little old wooden fridge, that I am going to transform into a storage space. My vision for BB’s Temple is an all over eclectic bohemian glam look, with a splash of Art Deco and retaining its vintage feel. This look really resonates with my soul and I already feel such good energy in the space.

I’ve never been afraid of getting my hands dirty – as you can see in the pictures! For me, creating has always been a healing process, whether it is designing clothes, bags or an interior – this shop is no exception. Once BB’s Temple is open, this healing vision will continue throughout the retail experience – when you buy something for yourself, something created with good energy and intentions, you feel good, right? This is why we always say we send love and light to our customers with every BB creation. Now we can do it in person.

While the shop is my temple, my shop attendants will be my BB Priestesses, with the aim to bring this good energy to all of our BB girls coming to visit from Ibiza and around the world. I plan to spend a lot of my time this summer in the shop (please come and see me!), where I can personally consult and style my BB girls – this process is very important to me. I have been embracing my own spirituality a lot lately, and one of the things I love to do is read Runes for people and so I plan to do this for clients in the shop too, adding a bit of cosmic energy to their purchase!

BB’s Temple will be a lifestyle concept store and here my collections will be curated to suit Ibiza. It’s not just about creating a space for my own brand – I will also be collaborating with a hand-picked selection of designers and beauty brands, all of who I love, wear and believe in myself. If you’ve been reading my blogs to date, you’ll know this includes Montegallo hats and The Seafarer jeans. I can also tell you, we’ll be stocking the very cool and edgy True Rocks jewellery brand, as designed by my friend (another #wildwomansisterhood connection) Dawn Hindle, creative director of Pikes and Ibiza Rocks.

As for the rest of the brands… well, I need to keep some things as a surprise for when we open, but I promise to tell you all about them when the time comes. I really do practice what I preach – all the brands I plan to curate within the store will blend in perfectly with the BB aesthetic. You can see in the pictures, I’m still inseparable from my flares by The Seafarer, which I’ve teamed with a shirt made from an amazing Japanese fabric from my new summer collection – watch this space for more news on that – and my trusted Altea Bag Touareg, which comes with me everywhere lately.

I can’t wait to see the look on the previous owner’s face as he sees the transformation of BB’s Temple when comes back to visit at the end of April. He was such a nice guy, and had worked there in that very shop for the last 30 years. He was sad to let it go of course, but he said he was happy to be passing it over to someone who would care for it as much as he did, which made the deal between us flow very smoothly. There is such good energy in this space… I can’t wait to share it with you!

But for now… back to work!

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