Be the solution…

I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for a long time, since I was about 23 years old. I first tried it in Verona, and if I’m honest, I didn’t really connect with it straight away… but over time, I found my space and now I love it. It really helps me focus and gives me the vision to solve problems, which is such an important skill you need to have to be a successful businesswoman. These days it can be difficult to practice regularly because I travel so much, so I often join drop-in classes wherever I am. This summer in Ibiza I found an amazing instructor and a new style of yoga that I love. It’s called InTrinity Yoga and it’s like doing yoga in 3D!

Having a good teacher is really important to me, so I can really relax into the class. I found Antonio Spacca on Instagram, where I make a lot of my connections. It’s quite a funny story. I stumbled across his Instagram account online and we started to chat, then one day I recognised him as he was shopping in Ibiza’s famous vintage store, Vicente Ganesha. I said, “Oh finally, it’s you!” and he replied, “And it’s you! Barbara Bonner!” I gave him my business card because, honestly, I was kind of hoping he’d be straight! He’s such a handsome guy and very talented in so many ways… anyway, when I realised he wasn’t, it was a very good reason to become friends.

All summer long we did beautiful yoga sessions together at sunset on a rooftop in Dalt Vila. InTrinity Yoga is different to conventional yoga – it combines a variety of yoga and Pilates poses on an elevated wooden board, so you’re working with or against gravity depending on the way you’re facing. It starts with typical meditation style breathing exercises, then switches into sun salutations and other asanas. I think it’s so cool how you feel like you’re almost going underneath the floor and surprisingly, the board gives you a lot more stability and equilibrium than when you practice flat on a mat!

Antonio says it’s a great twist on yoga and an amazing way to stretch the body. It also breaks the boredom of practicing the same poses every day – he describes it as a really good workout that redefines training, while sticking to the principles of yoga. You don’t need to be experienced at all – Antonio is so passionate about teaching and really helps you find your way. He only teaches private classes, so he can come to you wherever you are: a villa, your house or your hotel, so you can always feel comfortable.

In my typical nomadic style, I like to be able to go straight from yoga to lunch, meetings, coffee or wherever life is taking me that day. I just throw my Malibù Poncho over my yoga clothes and off I go! The Be the solution t-shirt you see me wearing here also represents something that is close to my heart. You see, I try to live as ethically and consciously as I can (I am totally obsessed with recycling! I’m teaching my daughter about this too, we put our trash in all the different coloured bins like a game so she learns), so when Oceanic Global festival took place at Agroturismo Atzaró in Ibiza earlier this year, I embraced the cause straight away and I continue to try and spread the message.

Oceanic x Ibiza was a very different kind of party for Ibiza – a cultural event fusing art, creativity, culture, conservation, education, music, workshops and talks to raise awareness for conservation of the world’s precious water systems. I spoke to so many different people about the environment and the ways we can change our lifestyles to make a difference. Here in Ibiza, there’s no excuse not to be conscious. We live by the sea and we must protect it, and our beaches too. We all need to make the effort to protect our beautiful Mediterranean. It might not feel like one person can change the world, but if each person changes themselves, in the end we’ll get there together.