BB’s closing down sale

Last chance to buy

My dearest BB girls

You may have noticed that I’ve been quiet on the blog front lately. That’s because I really needed to spend some time offline in order to make some very important, life-changing decisions. It’s time to take control of my destiny.

After 20 years of dedication to the fashion industry, I have decided to step away from my career as a designer and move forward into the world of healing. I’m filled with joy about this new direction, because it fulfils a calling (that was more like a scream) I have felt within myself for a very, very long time. It feels like I’ve finally downloaded my life’s purpose from my dear Universe.

Some of you might know this already while others may not, but when I originally began studying many years ago, I trained in psychology. Throughout my entire life, the desire to help others always been strong and I have always maintained an interest in mind, body and soul practices. For me, healing is a natural mission; one that has always accompanied me during my existence. And from this day forward, it will become my primary vocation.

My true wish is to see many more happy and fulfilled #bbgirls around the world. To help you along the way, I would like to gift you a part of my old dream, while I hope to find you again in my new one. From today for 10 days, all remaining Barbara Bonner creations are on sale (a very, very big sale – between 50% and 70% off!) via my website and in my atelier in Verona. This really is your very last chance to own a piece of BB heritage – once these pieces are gone, there will be no more. Seriously, everything must go!

It’s “the last chance!” as my daughter Mia says with delight, while helping me with the final clearance. She’s happy about my game change, because it means I will have more spare time to dedicate to her. To be completely honest with you (as I always am), now that I’ve taken some of the ‘fashion pressure’ away from my life, motherhood has felt much more relaxing and enjoyable – which also makes me very happy too.

That’s not to say I will never dabble in fashion in the future; it’s in my heart, my soul, my blood. But for now, that part of my life cycle has reached its natural conclusion. It’s funny… I originally conceived the Barbara Bonner brand in Ibiza in 2008 and now – after spreading the BB love (and fringe!) around the world for over a decade – I have returned to the island to kill it off! Killing it softly… for the time being.

Ibiza has always been like an incubator for me; for my ideas and creativity. I’m ready for the next adventure. I want to reconnect with the magic of creation without feeling any pressure to create for the changing seasons or by certain deadlines. I’m going right back to my roots while being completely free to be who I want to be and do what I want to do – which is work with people, to help them and heal them.

In case you’re wondering, BB’s Temple will remain open – after all, you can take the girl out of fashion and Ibiza, but you can’t take fashion and Ibiza out of the girl. The space will undergo a subtle twist and transformation in keeping with my new path in life, but it will also stay true to my ethos of taking care of not just your look, but your energy too. Watch this space in the coming months for more news on BB’s Temple’s reopening and its new brands and look.

Is this the end of BB as you know her? No, my dear BB girls – it’s simply the next stage in my evolution. If that sparks your curiosity – good! I really believe all my clients (past, present and future) are goddesses; now is the time we can connect on a deeper level. Let’s go beyond fashion and see what the future will bring…