All about Eve

Conceiving a new classic

Once upon a time (to tell the truth, it was only about eight months ago), I told you a little story about a woman named Lilith – the woman who inspired my most iconic bag to date. She was the woman believed to be Adam’s first wife in Jewish folklore; a woman who liked to be sexually dominant and whose rebel behaviour got her kicked out of Eden. And then, as the traditional story continues, along came Eve

I’ve worn and sold the Lilith bag for 12 years – she’s a big part of the BB heritage – but as I’ve grown up and evolved over the years, my thoughts started to wander to her successor, Eve. In my mind, I was conceiving a new classic – something a little more ladylike, more conservative, more structured – inspired by yet another strong woman. The birth of the bag however, wasn’t as simple or speedy as my other creations. Whereas my design process has been quite organic and fluid in the past, there was something about Eve that required slow consideration, meticulous planning and careful execution.

As you know, Eve was supposedly created from one of Adam’s ribs, in order to become his companion. And so I dreamed up a strong, sturdy metal rod that took inspiration from the shape of a human rib bone. This was my starting point. From here, I had to build the bag around it – trialling and testing how the hardware would fall against the female form, and shaping the leather around it into my ideal design.

Finally, I am pleased to introduce you to Eve. She’s everything I had hoped she’d grow into and is unlike anything I’ve ever designed before, and yet she’s still very distinctly a BB creation. Eve is a bag for a strong, confident, professional woman; she’s a stylish bag for work that can go from desk to dinner and dance floor without skipping a beat. As the seasons change, she’s the perfect companion – big and strong enough to carry all your daily essentials without ever weighing you down.

Eve is available in two colours – nut, a rich camel brown with a slightly bohemian feel and black, with a nod to rock and roll style. She also has a ‘little sister’ clutch – a small, handheld piece designed around a miniature rib – for those nights when you still want to evoke Eve’s strength and sensibility, but only need to pack your credit card, lip gloss and iPhone!

When I recently returned from Ibiza to Verona, to see my beloved Mia and attend Fashion Week, Eve was my go-to bag. As I was returning from summer, to the city, I felt it was the perfect timing to step back into a classic look. Here, I’m wearing Eve with my favourite Seafarer Jeans – which you can find in BB’s Temple in Ibiza – and a classic fitted, pin-striped shirt with my statement Arizona Belt. My all-new Phoenix Necklace also got to make an appearance – the timing seemed right, as we’re now rising triumphant from the ashes of the summer. I also stepped back into high heels for the first time in a long time… and it felt good!