A love letter to Hong Kong

BB’s travel diaries

Being the nomadic type of person I am, I like to travel to a new place every year. This year, before the start of the season and opening my boutique in Ibiza, I took a trip to Hong Kong for the very first time for a mixture of work, pleasure and love. You see, my boyfriend lives and works in Hong Kong – we divide our time between Verona and then he is in HK while I am in Ibiza – and I was very excited to discover somewhere new. And to my surprise, I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would…

It was very hectic, but I found the city to be so vibrant – another island, another melting pot of cultures. I met a lot of people from all over the world. A lot of young people go to Hong Kong to work hard and forge their careers. For me, it was all about studying the market and trying to work out how I can present my bohemian side to the eastern world. It was a very different kind of inspiration to my usual holidays! The culture here is a lot more square-minded – people are very intrigued by the big brands but I get the feeling times are changing and they are ready to start embracing new, smaller brands now.

One of my favourite things about this trip was the fact I felt super protected, safe and loved throughout this trip. Love can be difficult, and sometimes due to our age difference (I am a little older) and maybe also because I am a mother, I feel like I am guiding my boyfriend. On this trip, in his city, he really took me by the hand (and I love his big, strong hands!) and led me all over the whole city, and it was nice, letting myself take on this role. He was working a lot more than I was (he is currently launching Oficine Riga – tailored electric bikes that are perfect for city and island life alike) and it felt nice to be the one supporting him. I like to give as much help as I can.

We spent six days in Hong Kong, which was definitely not enough. I want to go back and learn more about this fascinating culture and connect more with the community of bohemian Europeans who live there. A little like Ibiza, everyone knows each other, and there are a few meeting points where they connect, such as the iconic Sushi Kuu (where I took this classic screaming face photo with chef Satoru and his big knife). Actually, I really enjoyed the way you just eat dim sum around the clock – there is no traditional stops for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was also quite jet lagged, but I made the most of my time by getting up early every morning and going to the gym in our hotel, Hotel Icon, which was right near my boyfriend’s office.

The city moves very fast – it’s almost like Lost in Translation at times – and so by the time the weekend arrived, we were happy to head to Shek O beach. This is a beautiful part of the island and quite a decadent place. It’s a fishermen’s village but there are beautiful villas here where all the European people go to escape the pressures of the city. Before we hit the beach however, we took the classic Tsim Sha Tsui ferry into the old town, where despite the humidity it was quite chilly, so I was grateful I’d brought my Malibù Poncho!

I’m also wearing a sample of a new silk gilet that I am currently developing in Bali and of course, I’m carrying my favourite Altea bag – a piece you can wear worldwide. My jeans are my favourite flares from The Seafarer (which you can buy in Ibiza in my shop) and because I was being treated like a princess, I also took the opportunity to wear my all-new ‘crown’ – the Barbara Bonner Hermes Headpiece. In Hong Kong, I felt like more of a BB goddess than ever because there’s nothing better than feeling loved…