Like wild flowers you must allow yourself to grow in all
the places people thought you never would



The pioneering and creative spirit is part of the DNA of Verona based and Ibiza living designer Barbara Bonner’s accessories and clothing.

With a travelling circus performer riding a motorcycle in the “Circle of Death” Grandmother and a skilled diamond cutter Grandfather, whom opened Verona’s first jewellery shop – her lineage is intricate and fascinating.

Born in Italy, Barbara travelled the world extensively in her youth – from London to Toronto, from Boston to Washington DC and back to Italy – her life is a melting pot of nomadic experiences which have influenced her aesthetic design and often has been source of inspiration.

Originally studying Psychology, after finishing University, the call of her richly varied upbringing was too strong.
After winning an MA in Fashion Marketing and Communication in Milan, she studied at Central St Martins in London, pursuing her love for fashion.

In designing each collection, Barbara creates ultra-luxe handbags, accessories, ponchos and garments that celebrate the archetypical strong woman who inspires her – the image of a sensual and empowered female, a free spirit with a nomadic “boho-glam” soul as Barbara herself defines it, that incarnates the identity of the Ibiza lifestyle, where the brand was originally conceived and born. Her first flagship store is due to open on the island next Easter.